How old is Shani The Witcher?

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How old is Shani The Witcher?


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How old is Shani in hearts of stone?

Shani was only 17!!! I am rereading the books and i just read the part where Geralt sleeps with Shani in BOTE and well, she was only 17 and was basically a equivalent of a collage student.

Did Geralt sleep with Shani?

Geralt and Shani never did sleep together in the books, but she was a helpful part of Geralt’s pursuit of the sorcerer, Rience.

How is Shani in Witcher 3?

Shani is a romance option in the Hearts of Stone DLC. Shani only appears in this expansion, and outside of Yennefer and Triss, she offers the most in-depth romance available in The Witcher 3. Romancing Shani has no impact on the rest of the game and the other romance options that Geralt can pursue.

Who is the oldest person in the Witcher?

Journal entry. Vesemir is the oldest and most experienced Witcher, possibly older than Kaer Morhen itself. He spends each winter in the fortress and sets off on the road when spring comes, just like all the other witchers. Despite his age, Vesemir is robust and lively.

How old is Shani in the books?

Studying at the Academy In 1267, Shani was a 17 year old, third year medical student attending Oxenfurt Academy.

Does Shani like Geralt?

By Witcher 3 while Shani and Geralt relive that spark for jusr a short bit, they both know they could never make a life together, no matter how much love they have for each other. They once again split paths knowing their romance can be nothing more than short lived and only bring sadness for both of them.

Is Geralt a cheater?

Yennefer can definitely feel awkward about the fact that Geralt was sleeping with Triss. However, she is obviously not stupid — she knew that Geralt had lost his memories and wouldn’t realize that he was cheating on her.

Did Triss cheat on Geralt?

Book wise… ehhh… the whole Triss and Geralt romance was a sort of cheating by Triss(and it closely resembles game version of the event). By her own admition, she was fully aware that it was very likely neither Geralt or Yennefer would ever forgive her for that.

Does sleeping with Shani affect yen?

No, romancing Shani has no effect on your relationship with Yen.

Where is Shani after marriage?

Games. Shani’s Clinic in Oxenfurt serves as both Shani’s home and the city’s hospital and is located on the same riverbank as the morgue and harbor.

How old is Geralt in Witcher 3?

The Witcher 3’s lore entries state that Geralt is a year younger than Yennefer, who was born in 1173. Since The Witcher 3 takes place in 1272, Geralt would be approximately 98 to 99 years old (depending on his birth month).

Is Shani in the books?

Shani appears in the last book, Lady of the Lake. She’s helping injured people (and also elves) in the battle of Brenna. Shani is one of the two major characters that you can romance in Witcher 1. She is a alternative to Triss Merigold.

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